Trip Reviews: East Greenland Voyage


"It was a truly awesome trip and I think we caught the polar bug. Everything went like clockwork in terms of arrangements.
Transfers to Akeyruri went smoothly and were enjoyable tours in themselves.

The ship was splendid - met a great bunch of people and the staff/guides were excellent. We had excellent weather- stormy crossings of the Denmark Straight both ways but once into Scoresby Sound fjords it was sunshine almost every day and on one of the hikes it was really warm enough to be out in shorts and t-shirt.

We got up nice and close to musk-oxen and arctic hares and had two clear nights with Auroras.

The kayaking was fun though considering I have not been out in a sea kayak for about 8 years.

Need to think about where our next polar trip will go to now." 

Jeremy Sternberg

"The crew and hospitality staff were excellent, the food good and sufficient, and the drinks were very reasonably priced.  We think that the ship is lovely.  Our cabin was excellent; clean, light, airy and spacious.

It was great crossing the Denmark Strait with humpback and a couple of fin whales blowing all around us.

The landings were interesting and the flora was fascinating.  Trees are miniature and grow horizontally.  The reds and golds of autumn were beautiful and the mountains and icebergs quite spectacular.  So definitely a landscape photographer's destination.

The Expedition Leader was very enthusiastic and did everything he could to ensure a great trip.  

With the excellent weather we had, we had the opportunity to see the Northern Lights three times!  Fantastic!"

Marilyn Rydstrom