When To Go - Iceland Seasonal Country Guide


Aqua-Firma operates a range of activities in Iceland, many of which can be enjoyed all year round. These activities include hiking, mountain biking, diving, snorkelling, kayaking, caving, whitewater rafting and horse riding, all designed to help you explore the full spectrum of volcanic features and diverse landscapes, as well as the wildlife and marine life Iceland has to offer. Whether you have got a week, a few days or just one day to spare in Iceland, we have a variety of options to suit every interest.

Spring - As the sun climbs higher and the grass turns the brightest shade of green, migrant birds return to Iceland, making spring the ideal season for bird watching. Around 200 bird species nest in Iceland, many of which can be seen in large numbers. Some of the bird species that you are likely to see include puffins, Arctic skuas, ptarmigans, Arctic terns, little auks and kittiwakes to name but a few.

Summer - Iceland enjoys surprisingly warm summers and benefits from 24 hour daylight, where the sky passes through hues of blue, grey and azure. The landscapes transform into a lush green, where small but sturdy flowers bloom in the lowlands. The plant life in Iceland is far richer than one might expect, due to the vast amounts of energy and heat within the soil. A great range of activities can be enjoyed during the summer months, including diving, snorkelling, glacier skiing, kayaking, skidoo trips, mountain biking and hiking. Visits to the highlands offer wonderful views, demonstrating the vastness and pureness of this stunning and diverse country.

Autumn - Brooks and rivers become swollen with melt water and the green vegetation transforms into varying shades of red, yellow and brown, providing wonderful photographic opportunities. Horses and sheep that have spent the summer months grazing are rounded up and brought to inhabited areas: these are always lively and social occasions which visitors are welcome to join in.

Winter - A time of amazing contrasts, where the white snow accentuates the black lava fields. The evening sky is often enchanted by flickering veils of green, white and red, as the Northern Lights (Aurora borealis) perform their dazzling and phenomenal light displays. This is also a great time of year for cross country skiing.

Within the city of Reykjavik, there are a range of year round activities to engage in, including, sightseeing, visiting local galleries, museums and shops, sampling local cuisine or partaking in one of the cities many cultural festivals, stage productions or exhibitions.

Iceland's cultural calendar is always full and every season has its own unique charm about it, so there is always something enjoyable to do and somewhere interesting to see.

During summer the nights are bright throughout Iceland. In the month of June the sun never fully sets in the north. It is worth bearing in mind however, that the midnight sun is not as warm as at midday, so it is advisable to bring along a jumper.

The table below details sunrise and sunet hours in 3 different parts of Iceland throughout the year.

  Reykjavik Ísafjörður Akureyri
January 11:19 / 15:43 12:02 / 15:10 11:33 / 14:59
February 10:10 / 17:14 10:31 / 17:02 10:07 / 16:46
March 08:34 / 18:48 08:44 / 18:47 08:23 / 18:28
April 06:44 / 20:20 06:45 / 20:30 06:26 / 20:09
May 04:58 / 21:53 04:47 / 22:15 04:31 / 21:51
June 03:21 / 23:32 02:39 / 00:26 02:32 / 23:52
July 03:06 / 23:56 ------ / 01:21 01:59 / 00:30
August 04:35 / 22:30 04:18 / 22:56 04:03 / 22:32
September 06:11 / 20:42 06:08 / 20:54 05:50 / 20:33
October  07:37 / 18:56 07:44 / 18:58 07:23 / 18:39
November 09:12 / 17:10 09:29 / 17:02  09:06 / 16:45
December 10:46 / 15:47 11:21 / 15:21 10:54 / 15:08


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