Trip Reviews: Antarctic Peninsula & Polar Circle

“I just want to thank you for organising my holiday of a lifetime, it really was ‘mind blowing’. I cannot really start to describe the place. Beautiful, stunning, majestic and magnificent are a few words and very emotional. I couldn’t stop the tears sometimes! Every evening we would say “what’s going to top that?” but the next day always did.

The kayaking was spectacular. The first morning a leopard seal came and joined us for a while but just seeing and taking it all in from a different perspective was such an experience. The YouTube videos of humpbacks getting close really did happen to us!

The ship and its staff where first class and the expedition leaders just fantastic, I couldn’t fault any of them. So informative and in love with their passion for Antarctica.

It’s going to take a very long time for everything I saw and experienced to sink in.

People have been asking “where’s next”?  I don’t really know as yet but flying over Patagonia and what my fellow travellers have said, it is amazing!

Thank you again and many times more Holly.”

Sarah Bradshaw

"The trip went perfect!

Our trip as I mentioned was sensational and exceeded our expectations:
- a lake DRAKE passage (both directions, allowing us to start activities in Antarctica ½ day ahead of schedule + the chance to take a detour to come up close to the Cape Horn)
- A successful quest of the circle (inclusive a polar plunge below the Antarctic circle)
- Fantastic weather (blue sky, only one day of true Antarctic weather)
- Abundant wildlife (we have seen them all ! inclusive a guest Macaroni penguin that was not supposed to be there)
- Little time to rest … thanks to the fantastic planning of the crew (they literally filled up our days and night with activities – and we enjoyed that)
- Great crew – very impressed by the staff's professionalism.

I would highly recommend this ship and cruise to anyone looking for an active Antarctic cruise – well worth it!"

Carole S

"An outstanding adventure into one of the last wildness!! It was a true adventure from the stopover in Buenos Aires exchanging money in downtown Buenos Aires to the fantastic show put on by the pod of killer whales hunting the seal on the last day sailing into the Beagle channel!!

This is my second time on the Antarctic Peninsula and it just blew me away!

The wildlife was outstanding!! Leopard seals hunting penguins for breakfast, lunch and tea, up to 10 kills a day, humpback whales with their calf playing with the kayaks and zodiacs, the divers had fun with the leopard seals as well, wall to wall penguins!, 3 different types of dolphin, 3 different types of seal, countless types of birds!

The weather on the Peninsula was great and the light brilliant for photography, the landscapes stunning and the ice burgers cool!

The ship was very comfortable and the food excellent, the bar is well stocked and Rose who runs the bar always had a smile and a beer ready for me:

Pack your bags and head south for one of the last great adventures!!

Oh I nearly forgot a big thank you and hug for Charlotte (Aqua-Firma) who was a great travel buddy and full of scientific stuff and always on hand to help me and all the other adventures on the trip! Her fan club has got bigger!! Next stop Silver Banks Caribbean Humpback Whale watching & Snorkelling can't wait!!!" 

Mr Iain Dark

"I think I can speak for all of us when I say our trip was fantastic and exceeded all of our expectations. It really was the trip of a lifetime!

The expedition team were fantastic and they made sure every possible opportunity was seized. Crossing the circle and the iceberg 'grave yard' were two personal highlights for me. With regards to wildlife we saw loads of seals (leopard, crab-eater, fur, weddell), 3 types of penguins (adelie, chin strap, gentoo), whales (humpback, minke, blue) and multiple sea birds (not a huge interest of mine so cant provide and further details).

The cabins were modern and very comfortable and the hospitality staff on board were incredible. I cannot fault the food or service on board!"

Catriona Moynihan

“The trip was terrific - all that I wanted.  The travel arrangements went well, with no problems.

The timing was perfect to see penguins. The chicks were as large as the adults and running around.  Lots and lots of movement of both adults and chicks.

As well as the penguins we saw quite a few whales, lots of seals and in particular a leopard seal.  Also lots of birds including albatrosses.

Memorable highlights include Humpback whales bubble-netting Krill, the huge penguin colonies and the land/seascapes.

The expedition guides were excellent and gave some really good and interesting presentations.  There was very little environmental impact as the biosecurity was good. The presentations and experience raised level of knowledge on conservation issues.

Overall the trip was excellent 5 *****.   This ship/trip included 2 zodiac trips a day - mostly shore landings which are a terrific way to see and experience the landscape and wildlife.  On the way back across the Drake Passage the captain took a detour to take us 'Round the Horn' which was a nice brief add-on."

Colin Owens



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