Snorkelling in Iceland

Snorkelling in Iceland's glacial melt waters may at first seem like a rather extreme activity to undertake, however, with the suitable equipment, warm dry suits and the friendly guidance of local experts, you would be amazed at how this underwater world is just as fascinating as the geological formations and volcanic landscapes that can be observed on dry land.  Snorkelling in the pure crystal clear waters is a somewhat unique experience, where you will get the feeling of being weightless as you float along the lazy current and observe the unearthly underwater scenery.  No prior experience or diving certificates are required for any of our snorkelling trips, so just about anybody can give it a go.

Many of the best snorkelling locations in Iceland can be sought in the Silfra Fissure, a combination of groundwater from the surrounding area and melt water from the Langjökull Glacier.  What makes snorkelling in the Silfra Fissure so extraordinary is its location in a narrow canyon in the lava field between Europe and America, meaning that you can actually get the unique chance to swim between both continents.  Silfra is located in the northern part of Lake Thingvallavatn, which at 84 km² is the largest Lake in Iceland.   Lake Thingvallavatn lies in the rift valley that extends south from the Langjökull glacier to Mount Hengill and from Botnssullur mountains in the west to Lyngdalsheidi heath in the east.

Due to the slow rate in which the glacial water takes to filter through the lava field prior to reaching the Fissure (approximately 20 years) the water is very pure and consequently boasts crystal clear visibility of up to 80 metres, making Silfa one of the best dive and snorkelling locations in Iceland.

For those who wish to add an additional element to our classic Into the Blue Snorkelling half day trip, we have a variety of combination options to choose from, including caving, rafting & an exploratory jeep safari to the Golden Circle.  

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