Dog Sledding in Iceland

For a thrilling adventure, what could be better than dog sledding in Iceland - the land of Fire and Ice!  Here we offer you the unique opportunity to engage in this exciting mode of transport at any time of the year, with a team of loveable Greenlandic dogs, traditionally used by the Inuit people of Greenland. During tour one hour Dog Sledding experience you will sit back and let your expert musher guide you; meanwhile you will gain an insight into those vital mushing commands to gain a real insight into the lives of traditional sled dogs.

With their incredible strength and ability to withstand any kind of extreme weather conditions (unlike their Alaskan Husky counterparts), these Greenlandic sled dogs begin every trip with their tails wagging, eager to bound off on their run with you. Throughout the trip your musher will introduce you to each member of your dog sledding team and share with you details of their individual personalities and how they work together.

Where we take you dog sledding in Iceland will be determined by the weather and season.  During the summer our dog sledding operates 750 metres above sea level over the second largest glacier in Iceland, amongst a spectacular glacial landscape of mountains and lava fields.

When the winter snow falls upon Iceland's volcanic landscape, our dog sledding trips operate from a ski resort, 45 minutes north east of Reykjavik.  Whilst sledding through the beautiful Icelandic wilderness, the only sounds are those of the sled upon the snow-covered ground and the breath of your dog team.

With short winter daylight hours, here we can take advantage of the varying colours of the sky in a choice of two departure times.  At midday the sun is highest in sky, enabling you to appreciate the majesty of Iceland's volcanic landscape. By the long Northern sunset, on a clear day the sky transforms into wonderful shades of orange and red.

We offer Dog Sledding with Reykjavik hotel pick up / drop off, alternatively if you have your own transport, you can make your own way to the Dog Sledding station.

Please Note: Iceland is notorious for unpredictable weather; therefore a degree of flexibility is paramount when considering the rest of your itinerary as trips can be cancelled with just 12 hours notice.

When there is not enough snow cover in Iceland during the winter, we will instead treat you to an equally as exciting dog sledding experience on wheels.

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