Seychelles Island Guide

Welcome to our Seychelles Island Guide, which will provide you with an in depth insight into each major island of the archipelago and how we can help you access them.  Our Island Guide has been specially designed to help you decide which islands to visit and what to do whilst you are there, whether that be diving, trekking, kayaking, bird watching or simply relaxing on one of the Seychelles stunning beaches.  Whether you want to sail from island to island via one of our bareboat or skippered sailing holidays, seek pure relaxation in a private island setting or are keen to enjoy an action packed, activity driven holiday, we can help you achieve it.  By using the Island Guide, you can discover some of the Seychelles most fascinating endemic marine and wildlife species and where you are most likely to encounter them.

Please click on the photograph or name of any island in the table below and you will be transported the specified island introduction page, where you will be able to discover interesting information about its coast, natural history and conservation efforts.




Praslin is the second largest island, home to the Vallée de Mai, where the legendary Coco de Mer nut grows and the critically endangered Seychelles Black Parrot resides.  Praslin boasts a range of accommodation and beautiful beaches.....more

Area Size:  37.56 Km²
Maximum Altitude:  367 m / 1207 ft
Population:  7,103

La Digue is the fourth largest island, situated in close proximity to neighbouring Praslin, which can be reached via a short ferry ride.  It is characterised by its peace, tranquility and cultural charm, where the main method of transport is bicycle and the traditional ox cart.....more

Area Size:Area Size:  10.1 Km²
Maximum Altitude:  333 m / 1093 ft
Population:  2,100

Bird Island the northernmost island in the Seychelles, best accessed via a small twin prop plane or skippered sailing trip.  As the island name suggest, it is home to thousands of birds - some are resident and others arrive in their thousands seasonally. This island is much flatter than others you will visit in Seychelles, with some stunning white beaches, easy snorkelling and a few giant tortoises.....more

Area Size:  0.70 Km²
Maximum Altitude: 4 m / 13 ft

Population:  37

Mahé is the largest island economic hub of the archipelago, characterised by spectacular mountain ranges and beautiful beaches. It has a wide variety of accommodation to choose from and provides excellent diving and snorkelling opportunities.....more

Area Size:  154.7 Km²
Maximum Altitude:  905 m / 2969 ft
Population:  72,000

Desroches is the largest of the Amirantes group of islands and accessible only by charter flight. If the Seychelles doesn't already feel far away in the midst of the Indian Ocean, then by the time you reach Desroches you will have that feeling. The island offers exclusive luxury accommodation, stunning beaches and the best known diving outside of the Inner Islands.....more

  Area Size:  3.94 Km²
Maximum Altitude:  330 metres
Population:  19

Silhouette is the Seychelles' third largest island, characterised by its dramatic mountain peaks and home to a diversity of wildlife, much of which is endemic and threatened.  There are no roads and just one hotel, making it a relaxing and peaceful island retreat, with some excellent treks into its uninhabited and thickly forested mountains. For divers.....more

 Area Size:  19.95 Km²
Maximum Altitude:  740 m / 2428 ft
Population:  136

North Island boasts luxurious accommodation and is the ultimate island paradise, perfect for anybody seeking escapism, peace and quiet within a private setting.  Many of the Seychelles' endemic and rarest species can be found here, both above and below the water.....more 

 Area Size:  2.01 Km²
Maximum Altitude:  210 m / 689 ft
Population:  48

Frégate provides exclusive luxury accommodation within a peaceful island setting, ideal for couples and honeymooners.  There is an abundance of wildlife and marine that can be found here including giant tortoises, turtles and a variety of endemic birds.....more

  Area Size:
Maximum Altitude: 
125 m / 410 ft

Sainte Anne Marine Park includes Sainte Anne, Cerf, Round and Moyenne.  These islands is close to the main island of Mahe, but an exceptionally peaceful and romantic alternative. Kayaking, swimming and snorkelling are lovely here.....more

Area Size:  14.43 Km²
Maximum Altitude:  142 metres

Cousine is conveniently situated within close proximity to neighbouring island Praslin.  This private nature reserve is home to a wealth of wildlife, including giant tortoises, magpie robins and fairy terns, meanwhile the snorkelling and diving opportunities here are excellent.....more

  Area Size:  0.257 Km²
Maximum Altitude:  70 m / 230 ft

Cousin is home to eleven endemic Seychelles species, including the bush warbler, blue pigeon, fody and the magpie robin.  There is no accommdoation here and Nature Seychelles reguarly carries out various monitoring, research and re-introduction projects.....more

  Area Size:  0.286 Km²
Maximum Altitude:  58 m / 190 ft

Aride harbours more breeding seabirds than any other island in the region and is one of the most important breeding sites of the Indian Ocean. It makes for a wonderful stop-off on one of our Natural History Private Yacht & Lodge Safaris.....more 

 Area Size:  0.683 Km²
Maximum Altitude:  134 m / 440 ft
Population:  6

Denis is a private island, providing luxury accommodation, beautiful beaches and sumptuous cuisine.  There is an array of wildlife and marine life here, with excellent nature trails, snorkelling, diving and fishing opportunities. This is a very special place.....more

 Area Size:  1.43 Km²
Maximum Altitude:
  4 m / 13 ft
Population:  78

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