Trip Reviews: Kamchatka Peninsula, Commander and Kuril wildlife voyage

"I can definitely say I had a brilliant time - well organised, enthusiastic staff, knowledgeable experts, and all were eager to ensure we visited everywhere & saw everything possible. I would recommend them without hesitation.

There was an excellent start to the wildlife as we saw a Beluga whale in the harbour before we sailed!
The boat was comfortable, clean, heating, air conditioning, very good food, quick laundry, library. There was permanent access to bridge for viewing, good briefings before every zodiac trip, updates on the PA re wildlife seen, lectures & films of a high quality, and every evening the bird expert (Canadian) held a debrief in the bar. A comprehensive book to mark down the animals/birds was provided for everyone and apparently an electronic version will follow in due course. I will try & remember to forward it to you.
Then the adventure really started - whales, walrus, seals, sea-lions, brown bears, lots & lots of birds including the rarely seen Stellar Sea Eagle. One of these was spotted whilst we were on a river zodiac and as the water was so shallow the zodiacs were pushed aground a small sand bank, tied together and people got out to take pictures. Both the viewing & the quiteness were wonderful.
On the final Sunday we arrived early in Petropavlovsky & I paid for the helicopter excursion to the Valley of the Geysers. A very long day but the flight around a simmering volcano was absolutely amazing; also the escorted walk around the geysers was impressive, then another landing at a caldera (another walk with a guide) followed by lunch at the hot springs where some people had a dip. Not one negative comment from anyone-fantastic!
It was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
As you can already surmise I had a wonderful trip. I cannot thank you & Charlotte enough for all your assistance in making this possible.
Bye Bye for now"

Helen O'Connor

"We had a fabulous time and both really enjoyed it. Great boat and expedition crew. All very knowledgeable and friendly. Made friends easily with several couples on the ship which was great.

Saw everything we wanted to see although would have liked to have seen a few more whales.

Saw about 10 brown bears some with cubs which was the highlight for us both as well as the trip into the caldera where we watch 1000's of auklets come in to roost.

Was  ill on two  rough days but  the Dr on board was great.

Would recommend to anyone.

If you would like to see some more photos let me know and will send Chris's website details.

Thanks again for you help with organising the trip."

Sue & Chris Tattersall



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