Into The North Atlantic - Ocean Diving Day Trip

On the Ocean Diver Day Tour you will join the undersea inhabitants of the North Atlantic for a swim through Iceland’s cool coastal scene.

Two favourite local ocean dive sites are Garður, located at the tip of the Reykjanes peninsula and a one hour drive from Reykjavik and Gullkistuvik which is a 20 minutes boat ride from Reykjavik. Garður is a shore dive and Gullkistuvik is a boat dive. The choice of which site to use depends on the weather, season, tides and other factors.

Kelp forests offer a great habitat for a number of marine species, including lumpsuckers, nudibranchs, and a wide variety of invertebrates. Coloruful algae also flourish here off the coast of Iceland. You will most likely notice pairs of eyes sticking out of the sandy patches of the ocean floor where the flounders live. Soft orange coral also intermittently decorates the sandy ocean floor. In the area of the kelp forests, a wolf fish might pay you an unexpected visit or stick its head out of a pile of rocks, looking a bit like a prehistoric creature.

You will be picked you up at your hotel in the Reykjavik area and will be brought back afterwards.You will be offered some light snacks during the dive break.

The pick up time of this tour depends on the tides. It's preferable to end your second dive around the peak of the high tide.

Please note: ocean dives in Iceland depend on the weather and it can happen that scheduled ocean dive trips have to be canceled due to unfortunate weather conditions.  If that is the case, your dive guides will usually have a plan B and can offer you other dive sites, such as Bjarnagjá, Kleifarvatn or Silfra that do not depend on the weather as much as the ocean.


Price Includes: All diving gear, PADI guide/instructor, transfer from Reykjavik, 2 guided dives, in the Ocean (if temperature drops below 0°C you will only do 1 dive), all necessary dive equipment, warm drinks & snacks.

Available: 1st April - 30th September. Departure time depends on the tides

Duration of Trip: 6 - 8 hours

Minimum Age: 17 years (signature of legal guardian required for under 18 year old participants)

Minimum Group Size: 2 persons

Maximum Group Size: 10 persons

We recommend you bring: Your SCUBA dive certification card (PADI Open Water of equivalent), proof of dry suit certification or 10 logged dry suit dived within two years of date, long underwear, thick socks, suitable clothes for the weather of the day.

Activity Level: Demanding

Please Note: PADI open water or compatible required, PADI advanced and dry suit certificate recommended. All dives are performed in a dry suit. Divers have to supply sizes on suit before hand.

Prerequisites: be at minimum 150cm / maximum 200cm & a minimum of 45kg / maximum 120kg, be physically fit, be ready to wear a sometimes tight & constricting dry suit, be able to communicate in English, not be pregnant

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