Geothermal Hot Spring Dive

The underwater hot springs in Kleifarvatn lake have only recently been discovered and the bubbling springs are just a 100 meter swim from the shore of the lake.

Only a 30 minute drive from Reykjavík, Kleifarvatn lake is nestled within an impressive volcanic terrain. One can experience complete silence in this stunning landscape. As there are only rugged tire tracks that lead to Kleifarvatn, you will need to jump onboard a 4×4 dive bus equipped for this frontier diving adventure.

Your briefing will take place on the shores of Kleifarvatn. Depending on the direction of the wind, you might then already smell the nearby hot springs.

At the lake’s entry point, you can already see the white and yellow sulfur deposits on the lake floor and the gas emanating from below the lake’s floor.

In the center area of the hot springs is a wide caldera that releases large amounts of warm water and gases. When entering into this space, you may have the feeling of diving into a gentle earthquake because the air bubbles coming out of the ground create pressure that causes the rocks to vibrate. Divers can feel these vibrations deep into their bones if the activity is strong enough that day.

After the dive youwill travel to Krýsuvík and Seltún, a nearby geothermal hot springs area. In Krýsuvík you will visit the boiling mud pots and the colorful sulfur deposits.

You will then make your way back to Reykjavík. We recommend that you bring your swimsuit with you as and you you can be dropped off at the Blue Lagoon or at one of Reykjavík’s local pools. Here you can relax in the hot tubs and end the day in traditional Icelandic fashion.


Available: 1st May - 30th September

Duration: 3 - 4 hours

Minimum Group Size: 2 divers and a maximum ratio of 3 divers per dive instructor

We recommend you bring:
Your SCUBA dive certification card (PADI Open Water or equivalent)
Proof of dry suit certification or 10 logged dry suit dives within two years of tour date
Long underwear
Thick socks
Suitable clothes for the weather of the day

Price Includes:
Dive instructor
1 guided dive in Kleifarvatn
All necessary dive equipment
Hot chocolate and cookies after the dive
Guided walk at Seltún geothermal hot spring area near Krýsuvík

be at minimum 150cm / maximum 200cm
be at minimum 45kg / maximum 120kg
be at least 17 years of age (signature of legal guardian required for under 18 year old participants)
be physically fit
be ready to wear a sometimes tight & constricting dry suit
be able to communicate in English
not be pregnant

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