Equipment & Clothing - Polar Kayaking

Thermal layers - as the temperature can fluctuate in these regions and because you will feel warmer when exercising, we advise a layering system of dress, so you can peel off or add a layer as you need. Polar fleece is the best for weight, comfort and it dries quickly too. Wool is also suitable but cotton retains the moisture and is not suitable.

We recommend that you bring:

- Fleece top (not too bulky)
- Warm fleece hat
- Thermal underwear (for under the wetsuit for hygiene purposes)
- Neoprene booties/shoes (we advise 7mm & preferably ankle high)
- Neoprene gloves (3mm or if very flexible & you've tried them before - 5mm)
- Fleece snood, balaclava or scarf (bring a spare)
- Breathable jacket (eg. Gore-Tex) or paddle anorak/jacket and trousers
- Fisherman gloves or thick rubber gloves with a good fleece pair underneath
  are good for handling the boat and on shore or neoprene mittens with inner
  fleece gloves
- Fleece or wool socks with insulation. Gore-Tex or silk liners work well.
  An extra pair is advised when kayaking as your feet will rest on the cold hull
- Sun cream / sun block
- Sunglasses

Optional items to bring:

- Lightweight kayak drysuit
- Waterproof bag (for camera equipment)

You will be provided with:

- Life-jacket / kayak vest
- Kayak splash skirt / spray cover
- Perception Horizon II, Perception Sea Yak, Prijon Excursion or Current Designs
  double and single, 5m/16ft sea kayaks, with rudders
- Paddles, including anti drip rings
- Basic thick long-john wetsuit (please advise us of your size)

Please Note: Equipment and clothing provided will vary depending on the expedition. To find out what is and is not provided for a specific trip, please contact us.

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  • Kayaking in Baffin Island, Canadian High Arctic
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Polar Kayaking

  • Kayaking in Antarctica
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  • Kayaking in Spitsbergen - Ralph Pannell
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