Trip Reviews: Antarctic Adventure Voyages

"It was absolutely the best trip I've done in my entire life, without a doubt. The expedition team were astonishingly good and we were incredibly lucky with both the weather and wildlife. I literally don't have enough adjectives to praise it enough."

Thanks for arranging it all for me!"

Abigail Mallett

"We are totally impressed by the ship!   I have to say, the whole experience is beyond expectation.  The boat is very comfortable and the activities are fantastic.  Best of all, it is the quality of the service provided by the whole crew team.  I am so impressed.  Food was great with so much variations.  Lynn, the expedition lead, organized such a professional and attentive team and offered us excellent activity choices.  All the seminars were planned and presented well and educated us well.

Of course, we had such a luck passage through Drake and so many sunny days at Antarctica.

We can not be more satisfied with this whole trip.

Personally, I will explore opportunities to work with you again for future cruises and would love to return to Antarctica.  Let us keep in touch."

Wei Gu

"The time onboard the voyage was absolutely great and was even better than we expected. The crew is awesome, helpful, funny. The wildlife was stunning (whales, penguins, dolphins) and the landscape even more. We have absolutely nothing to critisice, everything was just totally cool. Thank you!"

Linda Sulzer & Christian Brieter

"The voyage was excellent. We had 3 focused wildlife guides, specialising on mammals and birds, who were all extremely good - outstanding!

there were lots of zodiacs, so we were all able to get off the boat at the same time, half of us on land, whilst the other half would cruise around on the zodiacs.  We even got to land on the Antarctic continent.

The onboard staff / waiters etc were very good.

We saw adelie, chinstrap and gentoo penguins, lots of whales, including 5 humpbacks and wandering albatross.

I would definitely recommend this trip."

Elizabeth Smith

"Antarctic was Best of the Best in my travel life.  Now I visited 7 continents. I'm happy!

Thank you again and hope to use Aqua-Firma later."

Bong Cheon Lee



  • Mountaineering at Kerr Point, Ronge Island, Antarctica © Troels Jacobsen-Oceanwide Expeditions (1).JPG.jpeg
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  • grey-headed-albatross-antarctica-wildlife-wilderness-cruise-holiday.jpeg
  • mountaineering-gear-trekking-photography-antarctica-adventure-voyage-peninsula-polar-wildlife-marine-life-voyage-cruise.jpg
  • relaxing-mountaineering-viewpoint-photography-antarctica-adventure-voyage-peninsula-polar-wildlife-marine-life-voyage-cruise.jpg
  • kayaking-wilderness-photography-antarctica-adventure-voyage-peninsula-polar-wildlife-marine-life-voyage-cruise.jpg
  • gentoo-penguin-antarctica-wilderness-wildlife-marine-life-holiday-cruise-adventure.jpeg
  • kayak-and-beautiful-berg-antarctica-polar-wildlife-holiday-cruise.jpg
  • camping-antarctica-adventure-wildlife-marine-life-polar-cruise-voyage-holiday.jpg
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