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Genovesa (Tower) - Galapagos Island Guide
Wildlife, Conservation & Geology

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Area Size:  145 Km²
Maximum Altitude:  76 metres
Island Highlights:  Darwin Bay, Prince Phillips's Steps, Frigatebird, Hammerhead Shark, Marine Iguana


Genovesa is a horse shoe shaped island, situated in the north east of the Galapagos Islands, somewhat removed from the rest of the archipelago. She is the only frequently visited island that lies entirely above the equator, invoking numerous ceremonies for passengers who have never crossed it by sea before.

She is a fascinating island, whose array of birdlife often makes her referred to as "Bird Island", a name in which she most certainly lives up to.  Her general abundance of wildlife and striking landscapes provides some excellent photographic opportunities.  

A significant area of interest on Genovesa is Prince Phillip's Steps: a trail carved directly into the rocky volcanic island walls, which leads up a 25 m high cliff.  The name Prince Phillip's Steps derived from a visit by the British monarch in 1964.  It presents a spectacular vantage point from which to survey the rest of the island and is the ideal viewing point for spotting birds.

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