Whale Sharks on the Horizon

It's International Whale Shark Day this week, so a chance to look ahead to 2021, 2022 & 2023 when we resume our Whale Shark Research, Insights, Film & Photography expeditions. Here are some photographs from each of the places we operate these inspirational trips: the Galapagos Islands, Madagascar, Tanzania & Mexico. These countries provide four of the best places in the world to swim, snorkel, freedive and scuba dive with these, the largest fish that has ever lived.

Our expert hosts will include a familiar team of some of the world's leading Whale Shark Researchers, Marine Biologists, Filmers & Photographers, namely Dr Simon Pierce, Dr Chris Rohner, Dr Clare Prebble, Ralph Pannell & Stella Diamant. Whilst joining these trips provides you with insights into the very latest findings in whale shark biology, it also helps AQUA-FIRMA to fund the continued research and conservation of whale sharks and other marine megafauna. We were the largest funder of the Marine Megafauna Foundation Whale Shark Programme in 2019. Once COVID-19 has passed, we are keen to get the funding we provide back to 2019 levels and beyond.

Swim Snorkel Dive with Whale Shark Mafia Island Tanzania

Galapagos Female Whale Shark Scuba Diver Dr Simon Pierce MMF Aqua-Firma

Diving with Whale Shark Madagascar Dr Clare Prebble

Whale Shark Research in Mexico Dr Chris Rohner

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