Puffin Islands - Grímsey & Drangey Diving

Grímsey is the northermost island off the coast of Iceland, 41 km from the mainland. It has an area of 5,3 km2 and reaches a height of 105 m. It is composed of basalt, except for some sandstone in the northwestern part. All but the southern shoreline consists of steep cliffs, with basalt in many parts. There is a rich vegetation cover of marshland, grass and moss.

Although it lies on the Arctic Circle, the island enjoys a mild climate, and supports enormously large bird colonies. About 155 people live in Grimsey, the main occupations are fishing and fish processing, with agriculture and collecting seabirds eggs as sidelines.

Grimsey is a separate local government area, and there was a resident vicar until the middle of this century. The church, which was built from driftwood in 1867 and renovated in 1956, is now under the parish of Akureyri. There is also a community center and school on the island, and co-operative shop. Regular air and ferry services link Grimsey to Akureyri.

According to folk tradition, the island is named after Vestfjarda-Grimur Sigurdsson. Heimskringla (old sagas) relates how King Ólafur of Norway asked for the island as a gift, but the Icelanders rejected the idea, since the king would have an army stationed there. In the late 18th century it seemed that the community was fated to die out, since most of the men expired by pneumonia or accidents at sea. In the late 19th century the people of Grímsey were known for their prowess in chess. An American, Willard Fiske, presented them with chess sets, a library and a sum of money.
The island is a popular tourist destination, and certificates are issued for crossing the Arctic Circle.

When diving around Grímsey you can dive under the arctic circle with Puffins and the Guillemot birds. In the blue and clear cold arctic sea around Grímsey you dive with the Puffins where the bottom is covered with celp forest and there you can see Cod, Plaice and big steams of Pollock.  Both large and small whale speies are often spotted here.  You will catch the ferry from the harbour in Akureyri late Friday and come back to Akureyri late Saturday. You will do 2 dives around Grimsey and after the dives you will walk around the island.

Drangey is one of the most beautiful islands around Iceland, home to Puffins, Guillemot and a variety of other seabirds and Viking Saga. Drangey is less than two hours drive from Akureyri, from where you will take a boat out in the afternoon to take you to Drangey.  Sometimes seals are spotted and the bottom is covered with large celp forest.



Price Dependent on number of divers. Please Contact Us for a quote.

Price Includes Pick-up from Akureyri, all diving gear, 2 guided dives & PADI guide/instructor

Available 1st June - 22nd July from Akureyri (depending on weather)

Duration 2 days

Departs Every Friday from Akureyri harbour, arriving back late Saturday. We can also organise special trips and private tours for you to Grimsey.

Requirement Advanced scuba diver, experienced dry suit divers or Snorkelers


Price Dependent on number of divers. Please Contact Us for a quote.

Price Includes Pick-up from Akureyri, all diving gear, 2 guided dives & PADI guide/instructor

Available 15th May - 27th July 2016 from Akureyri (depending on weather)

Duration Half a day

Departs Every day. We can also organize special trips and private tours for you to Drangey.

Requirement Advanced scuba diver, experienced dry suit divers or Snorkelers.

We recommend you bring Warm undergarment clothing (fleece/wool sweater and pants), warm socks, a good pair of shoes and a change of clothing

Please Note All dives are performed in a dry suit, consequently, divers are required to provide details of their sizes prior to the trip.  Please confirm your height, weight and shoe size so that we can ensure you are provided with the best fitting dry suit.

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