Antarctica Whale Research Voyages

Most Antarctica voyages in our portfolio will bring you wonderful close encounters with the whales each season, but for a deeper focus, in the company of whale specialists, here are three voyages in 2019 and another in 2020 with teams onboard to provide some serious cetacean scientific insights. Onboard teams of scientists will share their knowledge of the lives of these migrants:  examining what and how they feed, listening to their underwater vocals via hydrophone, tracking and taking scientific samples for analysis back home.

If you click on the Dates & price tab above, the first voyage listed is towards the end of March 2019. You can anticipate plenty of wildlife in the form of seals, penguins and other polar birdlife; and away from peak mid-season and lasting 10 days, this benefits from economic pricing.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Antarctic Whale Voyages

These voyages in March 2019 and Feb / March 2020 will host a specialist whale research team from the Woods Hole - one of the World's leading Oceanographic institutions ( The voyages are onboard sister ships and arguably the most luxurious small expedition vessels exploring Antarctic. All guests can assist with whale tracking and data collection and there will be onboard expert talks and panel discussion with leaders in their field with more than 30 year whale research experience.

The voyage running 2nd - 15th March, 2019, will also benefit from playing host to a BBC film crew gathering footage for Blue Planet Live.

Polar Activities


  • Humpback Pair Feeding in Antarctica by drone
  • whale-tail-antarctica-marine-life-wildlife-voyage-cruise-polar.jpg

Trip Reviews: Antarctic Peninsula & Polar Circle


  • Humpbak Whale Underwater Antarctica diving
  • humpback-whales-antarctica-polar-cruise-voyage-marine-life-vessel-trekking.jpg
  • humpback-whale-birds-antarctica-falklands-south-georgia-wildlife-polar-voyage-cruise.jpg
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