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Trip Reviews from Ecuador

Wilderness Yacht & Lodge Safaris

Wilderness Canoe & Lodge Safaris

Amazon Canoe & Lodge Safari - Wildlife & Conservation Insights
27 - 30 Aug 2019
£1,160 / $1,455
led by Aqua-Firma Director, Ralph Pannell

Tailor Made Travel

A Guide to Amazon Travel in Ecuador

Andes, Volcanoes & the Choco-Andean Cloud Forests
( 3 days £690)

Avenue of Volcanoes - Ecuador's Central & Southern Andes
(7 days privately guided £1,390)
Quito – Cotopaxi – Quilotoa – Baños – Chimborazo - Cuenca

Ecuador Lake District Trek
( 4 days from £650)
Privately guided

Great Railway Journey – Andes to Pacific Coast & Ecuador’s Avenue of Volcanoes
4 days £1,450 per adult sharing

Rafting Expedition

Rafting the Headwaters of the Amazon
Privately operated expedition
12 days from £1,890







We had such an amazing time. Darwin's Arch was just out of this world. I think we saw everything there was to see underwater except for whale sharks but we were a bit early for them… The sea lions were so much fun. And the schooling hammerheads were awesome!
We also really enjoyed Isabela. Our guide there was fantastic.
Everything was excellently organised. It all ran very smoothly. The hotels were great…. Would like to go back there one day!

We really enjoyed our time in Quito as well.
We really can't fault your itinerary. It was perfect and just the right amount of time as well. We felt we had been away for months - I suppose because we did so much - and we were just ready to come home when we did!
Thanks very much

(Amy Lanning, UK)

Once again without fail Aqua Firma found me the ideal locations to see the best wildlife that Ecuador has to offer ... both community owned and run reserves.

All of the guides I had, Freddie, Edwin, Morrisio and Holger were all so knowledgeable and capable in their abilities and skills which enabled them to provide me with first class guiding to see all that both locations had to offer whilst keeping me safe and well looked after.

There was such an abundance of wildlife, with every step there was something to see from frogs to 5 species of monkeys and hundreds of birds. All the guides provided me with information for everything I had seen, they all carried guide books to share details with me as well as endearing to show me as much as they were able to. There was nothing they didnt know, their intelligence and knowledge was outstanding with a passion and keenness to show me and share as much as they could with me. 

Both sites had spectacular scenery and were outstanding locations in remote areas.

Thank You to all those who provided me with one of my most enjoyable, wonderful and memorable adventures yet.

(Samantha Johnson, UK)

We had a great time thanks.  It was amazing.  The Galapagos was the highlight for us, totally incredible, swimming with sharks and turtles, rays and sealions - totally brilliant experience.
All the guides were fantastic .. All the hotels were amazing, esepcially the one on Isabela Island in the Galapagos.  It was on the beach and we had a balcony looking out at the sea.
The volcanoes are amazing, Chimborazo was stunning and we stayed in a lodge right at the bottom, such a stunning setting.  But it was very remote, I wouldn't have wanted to be there more than more than one night.
The itinery was really well worked out as well, doing the low altitude activities first and then gaining height to prepare for the Inca Trail.  We met an Italian couple in Galapagos who were going straight on to the Inca Trail with no time to aclimatise, they were really worried.  They didn't have such an experienced Agent planning their trip!
Thank you so much for a fantastic trip.  I can't wait to go back.
If I hear of anyone looking to go to South America I will recommend you to them.
Take care, Bev

(Beverly PReston Smith & Richard Smith, UK)

A very good holiday. A real adventure.
Overall a remarkable experience. Absolutely priceless.
William Perez was a superb guide on our cloud forest experience.

(Mike & family, UK - Galapagos, Ecuador, Bolivia & Peru)

Our trip through the Andes in Ecuador was absolutely awesome!!! We haven't been able to stop raving about it to all of our friends. A very big thank you to yourself, Chloe, Marisa and Julian (our guide) for all of your incredible assistance in planning the itinerary. Particularly as so many changes had to be made. It couldn't have been any better!
We really value all of the time, care, experience and professionalism put into it for us.
We felt as though we had been away for about a month and it was only 6 days! We fit so much in but still found it very refreshing, relaxing and so enjoyable. It was exactly what we wanted.
The trekking, cycling, going to out of the way places, accommodation, food, local guides were all awesome.
Julian, particularly, as our guide really made the experience. He took great care of us, was very knowledgable, organised, enthusiastic and passionate about showing us Ecuador. It was just as though we were on a road trip with a friend but he did all of the organising! It was great that he was so flexible and we all made decisions together as we went along.
We want all of our friends to have the same amazing experience that we had and so we will be very highly recommending Aqua Firma and Ecuador to all of them!

(Naomi Luck, Australia)

Cuyabeno was great - the lagoons were fantastic… I saw dolphins, caiman, a sloth, a wide variety of monkeys, lots of birds including eagles / hawks and a very wide track in some grass where a huge anaconda had slithered a day or so previously - the guide reckoned it was approx 8/9 metres.

The night walk was fantastic - lots of spiders and we also saw a snake (not poisonous apparently!) and lots of stick insects etc. The noise was pretty extraordinary too. I spent a couple of hours fishing for piranha.

(Chris Browne, UK)

We have had a wonderful trip so thank you very much!

Andes: Our Guide Julian was the best thing about this bit, he was a joy! Great sense of humour, great English and very knowledgeable. Horse riding was fantastic, we did 5 hours as I lost my camera and the chagra and Julian insisted we went back to look and to our complete amazement we found it.

Jungle was excellent, lodge, guides and food very good.

(Carol McGillivray, UK)

My guide, turned up bang on time to pick me up from my hotel.  He was a very informative guide, knew a great deal about the history of Ecuador, answered all my questions fully and at length.

I loved Santa Lucia and the people running it and am very glad to have gone there.

I enjoyed the birds in the Cloud Forest and the plants, orchids etc. 

The Mountain Lodge run by this amazing man, Marco Cruz - a many time climber of Chimborazo - was a delight; good food, warm, friendly atmosphere, very kind helpful staff, all of them and a very comfortable lodge, rather posh bathroom/showers!  I enjoyed the plants in the paramo and the desert paramo, and also seeing all the vicuna. 
I loved the hotel in Ecuador, in particular the building, the murals and the garden.
The staff could not have been kinder or more helpful. 

Thank you again for organizing all this for me, I am so glad I saw the various different aspects of Ecuador, being able to compare the cloud and Amazon forests was really interesting, as well as going up to the mountains.

(Caroline Cattermole, UK)

Yes it went really well, thank you.

The cloud forest trip was good, but the Cotopaxi horse riding was awesome. Apparently we were lucky with the weather and it was just stunning. The guide, Santiago was very interesting and knowledgeable, and the horses well kept.

Many thanks for you help with the organising it was a big help.


(Richard Thompson, UK)

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