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Rainforest Concern was established to protect threatened natural habitats, particularly rainforests and the biodiversity they contain, together with the indigenous people who still depend on them for their survival. The charity has been registered since November 1993.

It is all of our responsibility to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we produce. Rainforest Concern's new programme, Rainforest4Climate, is designed to encourage more and more people to do just this. Where individuals or companies are unable to eliminate emissions, the Rainforest4Climate is able to offset Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions in a way that also protects the biodiversity of our planet. For more information click on the logo.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust is the charity which owns and runs the Pacuare Reserve on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.  The primary reason for the establishment of this reserve was to protect 6 kilometres of beach which are important nesting grounds for the Giant Leatherback and other marine turtles.  The reserve also contains 2,000 acres of rich rainforest habitat.  EWT's work has now extended to Panama where it the charity operates an anti-poaching programme in an area where Leatherback Turtles are regularly killed for their eggs and meat.

The Marine Conservation Society in Seychelles and the Shark Research Institute of Seychelles promote the conservation of the marine environment through education, research and through the GEF Marine programme. Current projects include Whale Shark, Turtle and Coral Reef monitoring and an environmentally protective mooring programme.

Aqua-Firma is a Corporate Gold Supporter of the Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT), which is a UK registered charity set up to raise funds for, and awareness of, the conservation needs of the Galapagos Islands.  GCT was launched in April 1995 at the Royal Society in London, with the aim of conserving the ecosystems and biological diversity of the Galapagos archipelago.  Many of Aqua-Firma's donations to GCT have gone specifically to Galapagos marine programmes designed to put a halt to the illegal fishing of sharks in the Galapagos.  This is a callous trade by which the fins of sharks are often cut away whilst the living shark is left to die unable to swim.

DECOIN is a highly effective community conservation organisation in the remote Intag region north western Ecuador.  With limited funds and no governmental support, DECOIN hsa created a network of well informed local communities that are making important strides in sustainable development through education, a Community Watershed Reserves Project and reforestation initiatives which are recreating rainforest habitat over hundreds of acres of previously deforested cloud forest land.

The Foundation for Integrated Education and Development (FUNEDESIN), is an Amazon-based organisation dedicated to finding sustainable solutions in the struggle between the ideals of rain forest preservation and the realities of life in the Ecuadorian Amazon.  FUNEDESIN works with local communities to develop community-based medical care and ecotourism programs, establish sustainable agricultural practices, improve education, provide environmentally sustainable economic alternatives, and conserve the rain forest.

Other links

Square Sail Shipyard - Aqua-Firma shares offices with the Square Sail Shipyard based in the historic harbour of Charlestown in Cornwall. The company owns three classic wooden tall ships which are often moored just in front of where we sit.  Phoenix, Kaskelot and the Earl of Pembroke are available for charter for such things as film contracts. Recent productions in which they have featured include Alice in Wonderland and Creation. You can also join these ships on short passages within the UK and day sails along the stunning Cornish coast between Fowey, Menabilly and Charlestown within St Austell Bay.  

National Marine Correspondence School – This organization provides excellent RYA* training courses in the comfort of your own home by distance learning.  Aqua-Firma works with the NMCS to train some of our staff in sailing safety, skippering and navigation.

(*Royal Yachting Association)

Bamboo Clothing

The Green Providers Directory

Mandarin Productions  - specializes in producing bird song CD’s from around the world.  Regions relevant to Aqua-Firma trips include Antarctica and Tanzania.


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