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Greenland Sailing Voyage: Umanak

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This Greenland Sailing Voyage incorporates beautiful Arctic landscapes, chances for wildlife and marine life observations and an insight into western Greenland's interesting culture and history. Based onboard a beautiful three-masted sailing ship and with the guidance from polar experts, this voyage provides a true Arctic expedition experience.

The Midnight Sun guarantees 24 hours a day sunlight, which combined with the length of the voyage, allows for greater chances of spotting wildlife such as the rare bowhead whale and humpbacks with more time to appreciate the beauty of Greenland's unique Iceberg strewn landscapes.

This sailing voyage runs from June to July, commencing and concluding in Aasiaat, located on an island in the outermost southern part of Disko Bay, within an archipelago that is often referred to as "the land of a thousand islands."

Our expedition schedule is one which may change on a daily basis due to the ice and sea conditions of this area and we request a true onboard pioneering spirit bearing these constraints in mind. We aim to begin our voyage by sailing north of Grønne Island and into the expansive and beautiful Jakobshavn Isfjord, an area usually frequented by humpback whales. The journey aims to continue onwards around the Nussuaq Peninsula, where a number of landings are planned, including an excursion to where a family of mummified Thule culture people dating back to the 15th century where found some years ago.

An insight into Greenlandic culture and the lives of the local inhabitants can be sought upon reaching Uummannaq, where dog sledges are relied upon heavily in the winter months. Here we can appreciate how the livelihoods of the local inhabitants still depend on upon engaging in seal hunting and fishing.

Thule culture can be explored further still in the area around Nugarssuk, where we hope to land, characterised by Thule houses and the picturesque lake of Eqaluitand gentle sloping hillsides that provide excellent views of the ice sheet. We witness yet more interesting geological formations in the lunar-like landscapes of Pamiagdula, which combined with other breathtaking Greenlandic landscapes on this voyage, are a sight to be seen.

Back in 1930, German Explorer Alfred Wegner came to this area of Greenland to study polar air circulation, an expedition that eventually cost him his own life. If we can reach the glacier front of Scheideck (which has retreated around 10 KM in 80 years), it may be possible for us to retrace some of his steps as he sought to venture across the Greenland ice-sheet - a lasting monument from the last ice age.

If possible, circumnavigation of Upernivik is likely to provide views of Greenland's 2000 metre high glaciers and towering mountains. We hope to make landings at Nungutagssuak, where we can explore Thule houses within a beautiful valley near a giant glacier front.

There are chances along the southern coasts of Svertenhuk, Greenland's largest land mammal, the musk oxen may be observed. Meanwhile, we will also be on the lookout for Canada Geese and breeding pairs of Arctic Skuas on the western side of Akunerit.

Journeying Southwards along the coast of Disko Island, we can appreciate its bizarre geological landscape, characterised by lush vegetation, hot springs, turfhuts and dog sledges. Sailing South towards Godhavn, there are chances to observe historic Thule dwellings and graves of 18th century European Whalers.

Photographs kindly provided by Rinie Van Meurs & GTB

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