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Wildlife Safaris

Rainforests, Rivers and Islands
(12 days from 1990)

Wildlife & Marine Life of Borneo
(14 days from 2450) Ideal for non-divers & snorkellers alike

Sub Aqua-Firma

Borneo Dive Lodges & Wildlife Safari
( 12 days from £2,055)
( 14 Days from 2,385)
(including all diving)

Dive Treasures of Malaysian & Indonesian Borneo - Sipadan & the Derawan Archipelago
(17 days)

Diving in the Derawan Archipelago Liveaboard or Island based

Sipadan Dive Liveaboard & Borneo Wildlife Safari
( 12 days from £2,155)
(14 days from 2,450)

Ultimate Borneo Underwater Safari
( 18 days from £3,185)

Our main focus in Malaysia is Malaysian Borneo - a place of great natural beauty abundant in both marine and terrestrial biodiversity.  Charles Darwin once described the island of Borneo as 'one great luxuriant hothouse made by nature for herself'.  With vast tracts of lush rainforest, river deltas and coral reefs, to mountains, tropical islands and limestone cave systems, Malaysian Borneo is a truly inspiring place to visit for spectacular wilderness and wildlife that is both above and below the water.  The island can lay claim to having the highest diversity of trees in a single hectare, the greatest known concentration of orchids anywhere in the world on the highest mountain in south-east Asia, and many rare and endemic species of flora and fauna.

The intensity and diversity of habitats and wildlife in Borneo is astounding and harbours a vast wealth of plant and animal species, many of which are endemic. Orang utans are of course one of the island's most famous highlights and on your journeys with us you can witness one of the world's most famous wildlife rehabilitation and conservation programmes. Sea turtles are abundant in this part of the world and as well as seeing these below the water we can take you to see them laying eggs at an island sea turtle sanctuary.

Of Borneo's rainforests, one of the richest and most unique areas is the delta where the majestic Kinabatangan River meets the sea.  The river and its surrounding forest wetlands are incredibly diverse and one of only two places on Earth where 10 or more primate species can be found living side by side.  This area comprises the largest tract of mangrove in Malaysia and is home to the Proboscis Monkey which is endemic to Borneo.

Within the interior of Borneo, the Danum Valley is an area we like to explore, comprising 438 sq km of undisturbed lowland rainforest and one of the most important conservation areas in southeast Asia.  Over 275 species of bird have been recorded here and the area is also rich in mammals including leopard cats, orang utans, gibbons, elephants, Sumatran rhinos and the elusive clouded leopard.

Limestone pinnacles and caves are a spectacular feature of many of Borneo's landscapes.  Another feature of our explorations in Borneo is Mount Kinabalu - the highest mountain in southeast Asia and Malaysia's first UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Its forests contain an outstanding array of flora and fauna with the world's greatest known concentration of wild orchids (more than 1,200 species).  For those with the energy to climb, the view from the peak at sunrise reveals forested hills, rivers, estuaries and coastline more than 4000 metres below.

Beneath the waves, whether by scuba or by snorkelling, there is a tremendous range of world-class sites around northern Borneo including the prolific corals and pelagic life of Pulau Sipadan and the scalloped hammerheads performing mating rituals around the Layang Layang atoll.  In contrast, the islands of Mabul and Kapalai are havens for their diversity of tiny marine life such as frogfish which literally walk their way through the water.  Pulau Lankayan, on Sabah's northeast coast, offers coral reefs with a huge variety of inhabitants and fortunate divers may be mesmerised by the occasional whale shark and dugong.  

Whilst Borneo's emerald waters reveal treasures to satisfy the most avid of divers, we always recommend that you include an element of land-based exploration to absorb one of the world's richest and most complex terrestrial ecosystems.  In this way, we can provide some of the best combined diving and safari experiences imaginable.

A journey to Wild Borneo is equally inspiring for divers and non-divers alike.

Photographs kindly provided by Charlotte Caffrey, Ralph Pannell, Alan Oh, SMART, Lawrence Lee, Nick Bramley, Albert Teo, PSR and Martin Bobrow



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