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Dive Treasures of Malaysian & Indonesian Borneo - Sipadan & the Derawan Archipelago
( 17 days from £2,465)

Diving in the Derawan Archipelago Liveaboard or Island based

Banda Sea to Raja Ampat Dive Liveaboard Voyages
(11 days from $3,600)

Komodo Dive Liveaboards
inc Insights into the World's Most Diverse Reefs led by Aqua-Firma Marine Scientist, Charlotte Caffrey
24 Jun - 04 Jul'14 2,850

North Sulawesi Waterside Dive Lodges
( 7 days from £765)
Full board diving package.

Raja Ampat Dive Liveaboards
(8 days from 1650 / $2,450)





Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the World, forming an permeable barrier of more than 17,500  tropical islands between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Beneath the waves, year round clear warm tropical waters are the perfect invitation to explore this rich and unique environment.  The area is widely acknowledged as having the most biodiverse marine ecosystems on the planet with new species being discovered all the time. To put this into perspective, Indonesia boasts 602 species of coral and 1920 species of reef fish, compared with 57 coral species and 348 fish in Caribbean waters. 

The team at Aqua-Firma has worked in marine conservation in Indonesia for many years and as such is fully conversant with its marine treasures as well as its environmental challenges. In an area so vast and varied, we have made our focus those areas which continue to maintain pristine coral gardens, fascinating macrolife and impressive pelagics and where pro-active marine resource management is on-going.

North Sulawesi is home to Manado’s Bunaken Marine National Park and the Lembeh Straits, two locations with diverse marine life within two completely different ecosystems. The excellent drift diving and drop-offs of Bunaken offer a rich and colourful invertebrate population, as well as the opportunity to see large pelagics such as sharks and rays. A short distance south lies the Lembeh Strait, which with its shallow black volcanic sands, represents a unique ecosystem with over 40 dive sites to explore.  A strong magnet for professional photographers from around the world, Lembeh is home to weird and wonderful macro life such as the Hairy Frog Fish, Ghost Pipefish and the Mimic Octopus to name but a few. The abundance of inspirational photographic books sourced from this area is testament to the fact that the Lembeh Strait is rated as the World’s best location for macro photography.

At Komodo, famed land of the dragon, we explore the marine ecosystem by dive liveaboard.  Renowned for its memorable drift dives, these islands are also home to sheltered bays with an impressive diversity of tropical fish , marine invertabrates and the frequent opportunity to observe dolphins, mantas and whale sharks. Dive liveaboard and land based diving provide access to the Indonesia's most diverse of all coral reefs systems at Raja Ampat in West Papua.  This area has been described as the epicentre of marine biodiversity in terms of its tropical fish and corals. In second place for diversity comes the little dived Derawan Archipelago which lies of the east coast of Indonesian Borneo. In addition to coral reefs, this is a good place to see thresher sharks and manta rays and combine your diving with Malaysia's premier dive spots such as Sipadan; and take the opportunity to see orangutans within some of the world's most diverse rainforests.

Photographys kindly provided by Gerald Rambert and Kees Opstal











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